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Hoodie – White with Aviator.

Hoodie – White with Aviator.

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The Lingaury graphic range of comfort hoodie dresses.

Unique White with Aviator Hoodie which is Part of the Lingaury hoodie dress collection. Be bold, be daring, with the Lingaury collection of graphic hoodies dresses. You can choose from 14 unique and fashionable designs.

The graphic range of comfort Hoodie Dresses.
This White with Aviator hoodie dress is part of the Graphic Range of the Lingaury Collection. If you are willing to try more, this dotted white hoodie can be worn with heels, For a more relaxed and casual look . You can match and wear with other daring accessories.

However you choose to wear these hoodie dresses from our graphic range. Remember they are uniquely designed just for you. So do not hesitate to buy this hoodie dress. And also don’t forget that the designs of the comfort hoodie dresses match those of the graphic range of the double designed PU Leather handbags.

You can even get free delivery on select orders. So express what makes you different, with our bespoke collection of hoodie dresses available exclusively from Lingaury. They are available in small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL) and 2 extra large (2XL), catering for all.

rainbow White Hoodie, Unique rainbow white hoodie dress.

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