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High Heel Shoes The Duo Range

High Heel Shoes The Duo Range

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The Linguary Collection’s Duo Range high heel shoes.

The Duo Range shoes is an addition to the Lingaury Collection that spares no detail.. Designed with elegance and with you in mind. They are classy and unique yet daring and a must have in all ladies’ closets.

These Duo Range shoes are sexy, colorful, and daring yet elegant and striking for all occasions. This design comes in a luring uniquely patterned material. Pointed toe stiletto pumps which captures the attention of everyone and is undoubtedly beautiful. Whether you’re heading to the office, the club or jetting off on holiday, we have the high heels you need to make your mark.

Add some feminine flair to your wardrobe with our stylish range of pink shoes. Every item purchased from Lingaury comes uniquely packaged as its own brand, for the ultimate retail indulgence and experience.

Uur brand Lingaury caters for ALL. Whether you’re big or small, short or tall, youthful or slightly less youthful, whatever your ethnicity or inclinations

They are approximately 12.5 cm high with PU upper leather material and lining or PU upper leather material with microfiber material lining and are rubber outer soles.

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